About LitHouse Learning

Reading and studying novels with your learners should be a fun experience. Stories can take us to new lands, teach us about history, and introduce us to diverse characters. Measuring comprehension and getting into deeper discussions along the way can be a daunting task.

LitHouse Learning Novel Studies will make it easy to enjoy literature with your students while ensuring they practice necessary writing skills, develop better vocabulary, and learn to plan and organize their thoughts.

Learn more about our novel studies, how to use the levels, and our placement recommendations.

About the Creator

Hi! I'm Bronwyn Blodgett. As a trained teacher and homeschool mom of 3, I understand what it takes to provide kids with a good education.

But as a homeschooling mom, I also know that you have way more on your plate than just teaching your kids. 

You don't have time for a bunch of fluff. You need practical curriculum and tools that are easy to implement so that you can create a thriving homeschool and family life. That is exactly what I aim to provide you with.

I have two homeschool-related brands: LitHouse Learning and Hustle & Homeschool

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