Collection: Level 2 Novel Studies

LitHouse Learning Novel Studies have structured writing activities, vocabulary study, and literature study through guided annotation and discussion.

Level 2 is designed for 3rd to 6th graders. The writing activities focus on outlining and crafting paragraphs. We recommend doing 8 to 12 novel studies per year.

For 12 days, your learner will read, take notes, complete sentence and paragraph-level writing activities, and study vocabulary. On day 13, your student will select the prompt for their final project paragraph and brainstorm details for it. On day 14, you will discuss the note-taking project with your learner, and they will also outline and draft a paragraph. On day 15, they will revise and edit their paragraph to produce a polished final draft. On day 16, you can have a themed book club with further discussion questions, snacks, and activities.

Learn how to use the novel studies and get placement recommendations here.