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Writing Workbook for History Quest Early Times

Writing Workbook for History Quest Early Times

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Writing Workbook for History Quest: Early Times

This writing workbook has 52 sentence-level writing activities appropriate for grades 1 to 6. There is one for each chapter and history hop in History Quest: Early Times (affiliate link). You can scroll down to see more sample pages.

The activity number corresponds to the chapter number. Activity part a goes with the main chapter, and Activity part b goes with the history hop.

The student writing workbook is 76 pages, the answer key is 66 pages, and the appendix to teach the writing activities is 11 pages.

After reading each chapter and history hop, have your student complete the writing workbook activity that goes with that chapter. Then check their work with the answer key.

These activities will help your student develop better sentence writing skills and learn the content in the history book.

**This is a digital PDF**

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