History Resources for Homeschoolers

Teaching History in Your Homeschool

History can feel like a daunting subject to teach, but there are some incredible curricula and other resources that you can use to make it easier! 

No matter how you choose to teach history, writing about it will improve your students' learning. This is why we created our History Writing Workbooks. They not only promote learning, but they improve student's writing abilities through structured activities.

What I Use & Recommend

I use Curiosity Chronicles as the main spine of our history curriculum. I also purchase the student workbook and instructor's guide from Curiosity Chronicles to go with each level. The additional activities and books suggested create a well rounded history study for us.

Then I pair our World History Writing Workbooks with the chapter we are studying in Curiosity Chronicles to give my kids more writing practice. Writing about history also helps kids learn it better!

In addition to Curiosity Chronicles, we also really like the Britannica Kids Online Encyclopedia, and we watch videos on YouTube about the topic.

Homeschool History Curriculum

World History

Curiosity Chronicles is our favorite. It works well for 1st to 8th grade.

Some other popular history curricula are History Quest and Story of the World. 

There are a few chapters in Story of the World that would not be considered secular, but you can easily skip those. 

History Unboxed

Core Knowledge

US History

Build Your Library has a US History base in levels 5 and 6.

A River of Voices by Blossom and Root covers US History.

History Quest: US covers it as well, but it is very light in content and would need to be supplemented a lot.

Core Knowledge also has middle school US History books and unit studies for elementary school.

History Unboxed

Online Resources for History

There are so many incredible resources for learning history online!

Britannica Kids Online has three reading levels for each article. It's a great resource that I highly recommend!

World History Encyclopedia is great for middle school and up.

There are also many great resources for specific things that you can find with a google search.

YouTube Channels

  • Crash Course
  • Simple History
  • History on Maps
  • See U In History / Mythology
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • OverSimplified
  • Horrible Histories
  • Homeschool Pop
  • Timeline - World History Documentaries
  • TED-Ed
  • Extra History

History Resources for Homeschoolers

Teaching history is important, but you also need to find the medium that suits you and your students. There are so many great resources available for homeschoolers to teach history. Choose what is most appealing to you and pair it with our World History Writing Workbooks to improve your students' retention.

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